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Cognac-Only meets the Wine Growers # Paul Giraud




Summer is coming... It's cocktail time. 


How to cut vineyards 

Pablo show you how to cut vineyard in Grande Champagne


Long time .. 

Oak barrel with your name : 

French made, includes tap, stand, waxed inside and with galvanized hoops.
A nice gift in order to keep your favorite spirit all your life.




Cognac sales paradised in 2026 ?

At BNIC Cognac meeting in mid-December 2012 large trading houses and a firm outlook (Eurogroup) have predicted sales of cognac from 21 to 25 million cases in 2026 *, a progession from 80% in thirteen years ! 2012 sales set a new  records at 14 million cases or 168 million bottles and a turnover of 2.4 billion euros.

As a result large houses to urged wine growers to plant more vineyards to  fulfill the needs of a market that would have no limit. 74,000 hectares are currently in production in the area of controlled appellation.

Obviously, the 4600 winegrowers who have survived the last crisis like to be more circumspect. Those who have a memory recall that in 1974 already, the major predicted a market without limit, shortly before America takes cognac as an hostage during
politico-commercial negotiations. They then had to pull vineyards planted shortly before. 20 years later the crisis of "overproduction" of the 1990s was even more painful. For fifteen years the eau-de-vies were acquired below their cost by trading too glad of the opportunity. A crisis that has made the wealth of brands but also resulted in the disappearance of 10,000 winegrowers between 2001 and 2011 without anyone paying attention ...

If  "prediction is a difficult art, especially about the future",
as Pierre Desproges used to say,  no one knows what will be the cognac market in five years even Eurogroup who did not see coming the recent banking crisis.

In Cognac business, some people often well informed, also whisper that the flourishing market of cognac could quickly turn and that already some signs exist : Asian shops overstocked lately in the hope of more-juicy value begin to sell off given the explosion of the housing bubble in China.

Of course
one must maintain and renew the vineyards as this could not be done for a decade for lack of means to do so. Also, since the recent upturn in recent years has finally allowed to reward the work of viticulture at its fair value, growers would be well advised to renovate their field rather than devoting their current economic success to the purchase of vineyards their neighbor.

* One case = 12 bottles of 70 cl or 8.4 L.


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