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08/17/2019 Brandy fraud at STAUB

The case concerns 8 million liters of brandy of Georgian origin. Instead of brandy made from wine brandy, the scammers would have used much cheaper grain brandy by falsifying customs bills. Altosa, a Spanish company that owns Staub in St Preuil, is reported to be involved in this fraud. Many of the brand's cognacais customers could pay the price without mentioning the reputation of French brandy well chipped. The export market for French brandy weighs some 190 million euros. At St Preuil at Staub in any case the staff has already understood that the company might not recover from this story. Source (Figaro / Capital)

08/03/2019 Larsen returns to the French market
Created in 1926, sold to Rémy Cointreau in 2013 and sold again six months later to Altia,
the Finnish liquor monopoly, Larsen returns to the French market with a modernized range
and thanks to a distribution agreement with the Explorer of Taste Society creates in 2016.
In other words, the brand of "vikings" has some way to go before returning to its level of the 1950s ...
Rémy has got his hands on the stock, about 25000 hectoliters of brandy old and Altia operates
In the Nordic markets, several ranges of cognac including Renaud, acquired in 2010,
Amudssen and Grönstedts ... This is where Larsen makes most of its sales (Source Sud Ouest)

04/18/2019 -Hennessy number one ?

Currently 2nd behind Jack Daniel's, Hennessy is expected to become the world's first brand of spirits in value later this year. This is at least the promise made by Bernard Arnaud, CEO of LVMH to its shareholders. With more than 100 million bottles sold worldwide, Hennessy is the leading brand of Cognac, four times larger than Martell, the No. 2 that belongs to Ricard

04/17/ 2019 Cognac Sales: 205.3 million bottles and 3.25 billion euros

As of March 31, Cognac sales increased 2.2% year-on-year. If the rise is calming down it is still well oriented: 3.25 billion Euros turnover primarily concentrated at Hennessy, (more than 50% of sales) followed by Martell, Remy and Courvoisier. United States Mexico and Canada + (+ 2.4%) account for 90 millions bolltles, Asia (+ 6.2%)  at 61 millions and Europe (-3.9%) down to 40 millions. VS exceeds 101 millions bottles,VSOP 81 millions and old qualities 23 millions.

4/05/2019 No more plastic at Martell within 3 years

As if to disavow the rumors surrounding his takeover Pernod Ricard has committed a large barnum TV Wednesday, April 3 live from its Galienne distillery toward its 19,000 employees worldwide. Among the ads, plastic advertising articles ban in 2025 or the 50% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030 but also equal pay for women by 2022 and parity by 2030. Finally no more glyphosate in the 400 ha Martell domain

04/03/2019 Boom on cannabis sales

Five years after allowing sales of marjuana, Washington State saw its sales exceed all forecasts to reach $ 967 million in 2018, generating $ 358 million in tax revenue for the state. Excise tax is the highest in the United States at 37%. While wine and beer sales have declined slightly since 2014, respectively 3% and 2% spirits have continued to grow by 5% at the same time. From Shanken news

04/03/2019 Rumors on Pernod-Ricard

The big stock market continues around Pernod-Ricard in the grip of an offensive by Colony-Capital, vulture pension fund that is trying to destabilize the world wines and spirits number 2 for several months. According to a US online news site, Diageo and LVMH would even be ready to buy Pernod ... which only mentioned the possible sale of its wine division for an amount of $500 millions, about €450 millions. From Shanken news/ Wine Spectator


01/18/2019-V&S sales and distribution on the eve of a revolution in USA

On last January 16, the US Supreme Court began reviewing the Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association case v. Zackary Blair, a file which has become an iconic record over time.Expected in the spring the decision of the court is likely to upset the rules of sale and distribution of wines and spirits submitted to the states of the union since the end of the prohibition in 1933. The ban on inter state direct shipping could be lifted, which the wholesaler's lobby strongly opposes. Full story in

01/10/2019-Cognac XXO is now legal : 14 years minimum

Introduced by Hennessy in 2017 and banned in the aftermath, XXO Cognac ( Extra Extra Old) is now legal. It has been introduced in the specifications of the Cognac Controlled Appellation since its publication in the Official Bulletin of December 6, 2018. All cognac brands will be able to offer XXO Cognac provided they can prove that the minimum age of 14 years. Remember that XO is at least 10 years old since 1st of March,  2018. VSOP remains 4 years old and VS 2 years old minimum, aged in oak barrels.

01/05/2019-Cognac importer sentenced 5 years jail in China 

Thomas Menier a Charentais settled in China to import Cognac has been sentenced to five year and a half in prison by a Shanghai court last november. He was accused of having introduced a system of double billing to reduce the amount of taxes levied on imports by the Chineses tax authorities; a dangerous sport whose practise is often required by Chinese importers and distributors. Souce Charente Libre.


01/03/2019 Craft Distillery boom 

The number of craft distillery in USA has boomed from 100 in 2005 to more than 1,800 in 2018 according to the American Craft Spirits Association. The trend is still on but the golden race has reached an end for 31 distilleries which shut down in 2016 and 29 more in 2017. Source : Shanken news

11/27/2018 Hennessy announces 1 billion Euros investment in Cognac city

The leading cognac brand multiplies the ads to try to convince of his commitment to the city that is the source of its success. On November 26, Bernard Peillon announced in Cognac city a billion investment within ten years "hopefully" of which 60% should benefit the region and 85% to France. And the president to detail Charente river put on her “majesty », the repatriation of cooperage and the construction of a second bottling line. Hennessy is targeting 10 million cases sold in 2020 against 7.5 million today and zero pesticides in its vineyards within three years, in ten years for its suppliers. Source


11 /20/ 2018- Record of 206.5 million bottles of cognac sold

Up 5.5% year-on-year, sales of Cognac over twelve months reached a record of 206.5 million bottles sold at the end of October, representing 574,000 hectoliters of pure alcohol. To appreciate the performance, it is worth remembering that in 1875, a few years before the phylloxera destroyed most of the 260,000 hectares of the cognac vineyard of the time, the sales of Cognac brandy exceeded the 400,000 HL of pure alcohol. Sources: and "Cognac, a fabulous adventure" by Gilles Bernard ed.La geste



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